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All our favourite culinary experiences, featuring food guides, restaurant reviews, and my own receipes! Find out the must-eat’s while traveling,  tips on how to eat like a local, our favourite restaurants, and how to make my favourite dishes at home.

Bled Castle Restaurant - A magical meal in a fairytale-like setting

Bled Castle Restaurant – A magical meal in a fairytale-like setting

Food is such an integral part of our travel experience. We've noticed that taste is usually sub par when it comes to restaurants with a view, but this is not the case at Bled Castle Restaurant. Whether it's the food, service, or the ambiance, it is without a doubt the ...
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Kollecting Koordinates - Neverland Tea Salon

Fly away to Neverland! The most whimsical afternoon tea in Vancouver

"All you need is faith and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust!"... Except you don't need pixie dust to find this particular Neverland! Inspired by Parisian salons from the 18th century, Neverland Tea Salon is the brainchild of owners Teri and Renee. Treat yo'self and don't miss this themed tea house ...
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Kollecting Koordinates - mille crepe recipe

Recipe: Homemade 32-layer Uji matcha mille crêpe

Why spend money on Lady M when you can make your own mille crepe at home? 20 layers? Pft, check out this 32-layer homemade matcha mille crepe recipe. It's SUPER easy, but also super time consuming. This recipe makes a 6" cake with 32 layers. Put your own spin on it; ...
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Kollecting Koordinates - Things to eat in Belize

Eating like a local in Belize – cheap eats and where to find them!

wPigging out is a huge part of traveling for us. I'm a picky eater so I was worried I'd only be eating rice and beans in Belize, but boy was I wrong! Because of the blend of ethnic groups in Belize, Belizean cuisine features the same mix of flavours and ingredients ...
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Lava Cheese Tart

Recipe: Homemade Lava Cheese Tarts

Lava cheese tarts have gotten extremely popular in Asia. People line up for hours at Pablo's and Uncle Tetsu's just to get their hands on a piece of this cheesy goodness. Why wait in line when you can make your own?! For the amount of pastries I eat, it's important for ...
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Recipe: Taiwanese three cup chicken

Recipe: Taiwanese three cup chicken

Ginger, basil, chicken... A yummy staple dish in every Taiwanese household. This three cup chicken recipe is super easy to master. The "three-cup" in its name refers to the ratio of the 3 main ingredients: 1 portion of black sesame oil to 1 soy sauce to 1 rice wine.   three cup chicken ...
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Kollecting Koordinates - Taiwan Food Guide

The Ultimate Food Guide to Taiwan

Born in Taiwan, I revisit my motherland every few years since my parents still live there. Taiwanese food is probably the biggest thing that gets me excited about visiting! These flavours are exclusive to Taiwan (as well as my mom's cooking, and now my own!) and they signify home. We've created ...
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Kollecting Koordinates - Hanoi Food Guide

5 things to eat in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

We made a short stop in Hanoi before our cruise around Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. What did we do in the short time frame we were there? Eat, of course! Actually, that was pretty much all we did. There are plenty of Vietnamese joints in Vancouver ...
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